Bevo Ad Exchange Update – Banner Channel now fully self served with no minimum budget!

We have launched a major update to the Banner Channel within our Ad Exchange! Our banner channel is now fully self served with no minimum budget. Advertisers can upload 300×250, 728×90 and 468×60 banners directly to the Bevo Ad Exchange interface, select what sites they want their banners to appear on, and have traffic begin almost instantly!

Best of all, this is an entirely new channel for us with virtually no competition. Almost all CPM prices are on the floor level. Our are minimums below:

Minimum CPM bid per country:

US – $0.15

UK, CA, AU – $0.10

FR, IT – $0.05

Everything else: $0.02


To get started:

1. Login to your Bevo Ad Exchange account at

2. Create a new campaign

3. Select Display Exchange

4. Select the Banner Channel

Feel free to reach out to your account manager if you have any questions and stay posted for all the new Bevo updates!



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Bevo Ad Exchange Update: Lower Minimum Bids For Our Intext Channel in all Geo’s!

We had quite a few updates to our Ads platform interface since our last announcement! Here are a few of the major updates to the platform:

-Inventory has been through the roof recently with our intext channel. Because of this, we have lowered our minimum bids for our intext channel!

-Minimum bids for US Intext traffic has been lowered to $0.10/click (previously $0.15/click).

-Minimum bids for Intext traffic in UK, CA, AU, FR, IT, DE, ES is now $0.07/click.

-All other countries minimum bids for Intext traffic is now $0.015/click.

Our intext traffic is high quality and extremely unsaturated. If you have been focusing on Pops, intext can be a great way to scale your campaigns to the next level!

Stay tuned as we continue to add new features and updates to the Bevo Media Platforms. We have a major update to our Banner channel coming to the Ads Platform next week!




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Newest Feature Updates to the Bevo Ad Exchange

We are pleased to announce that there are lots of new and exciting features added to the Bevo Ad Exchange since our last update. See a summary below:

1.) Users can now instantly clone campaigns with a click of a button

2.) View if a campaign has targets in it currently being outbid on the front page

3.) View campaign name while editing

4.) Mass update time/day parting

5.) Direct to Targets page when editing campaign


Our developers are adding new features to both our tracking platform and ad exchange everyday, so keep the requests coming!


To sign up for a Bevo Ads account, please visit

To signup for a Bevo Affiliate Portal account (tracking platform), please visit

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Bevo Ad Exchange Update: Add negative targets per campaign for PPV and Intext

Advertisers buying PPV and Intext traffic through the Bevo Ad Exchange now have the ability to input negative targets for each campaign. This offers great flexibility to users who are bidding run of network (RON) or need more optimization flexibility with their campaigns. This feature has been highly requested and is now live on the interface!

To add negative targets to your campaign:

1.) Select your campaign name on the main dashboard

2.) Select “Edit Campaign”

3.) Go to the “Sites” tab

4.) Enter your negative targets, and click “To Exclude List”

5.) You will see the keyword added to the “Negative Popups” list on the left

See screenshot below for more information.

Login to your Bevo Ad Exchange account today to get access to our super high quality, unsaturated pops and intext traffic!

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Bevo PPV Network Update: Manually Update Suggested Bids & Auto Deposit Feature Live!

The Bevo Ad Exchange has new features live for our advertisers who buy from both our Pops and Intext channels.

These features include:

1.) Auto Deposit Feature – Advertisers can now replenish their account balance automatically when their balance goes below $100. This will ensure advertisers will be able to keep their campaigns live, without risking their campaigns being auto-paused if their balance becomes deleted.

2.) Manually Update Suggested Bid Prices – Advertisers are now able to update their suggested bid prices for their campaigns in real time. Advertisers can select to update their suggested bids for an individual campaign, or their entire account, without having to wait for our next system update.

We have many more features in the works, so keep the suggestions coming!

Want to get started with the Bevo Ad Exchange? Take advantage of our high quality, unsaturated, pops, intext, and display inventory! Create your account today at

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