Bevo Affiliate Exchange Now Accepting ALL Publishers!

Bevo Media is now accepting all publishers who apply to be a member of the Affiliate Exchange. Being a publisher in the Affiliate Exchange allows affiliates to auction off their affiliate traffic to our advertisers and get paid on a guaranteed EPC or CPA basis.

After 11 months of building our ads platform to over 1000 advertisers, we have the ability to offer affiliates exclusive and above market rate deals that cannot be found anywhere else. Opening the Affiliate Exchange up to all publishers is the next step of growing our marketplace, connecting advertisers and affiliates in a more automated process than ever before!

To begin using the affiliate exchange:
1.) Login or create an account at
2.) To apply to the Affiliate Exchange, fill out the application in the Affiliate Exchange section of the site.
Once accepted, publishers have 2 options:

Option 1 – Run CPA Deals: Within the ‘Affiliate Exchange’ Section of your account, publishers can select ‘CPA Deals’ from the menu. This lists all the public CPA deals you can run from our advertisers. You can pull your tracking link directly from the interface (see screenshot below).

Option 2 – Have advertisers bid guaranteed EPC and CPA’s for your traffic: List your profitable campaigns in the Affiliate Exchange by creating a ‘New Tracking Campaign’ and follow the process to opt your campaign into the Affiliate Exchange. You can view your pending bids on the ‘CPC Deals’ page within your Affiliate Portal account. You will receive a notification whenever a new bid comes in for your campaign that you can accept or deny. If you accept a bid, the advertisers offer will rotate directly into your tracking link for the agreed upon budget and bidding information.

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Bevo PPV Channel FAQs – More Features Added!

The Bevo PPV Channel has made some updates to the interface. Advertisers can now bulk update their bids while viewing reports, as well as viewing top bid suggestions. You can login to your account at to check out the updates.

There has also been a number of questions from our advertisers throughout the past few weeks. For convenience, we have compiled the following FAQs below:

What countries are available and what is the volume of each?

Although we cannot give specifics on the volume size for each country, the USA is our highest volume channel with over 50million uniques per day. Some of our other top countries include:









Where does the traffic come from?

We have got together a number of private toolbar owners and are helping them monetize their traffic by selling their available inventory through our exchange.

What is the main demographic of the traffic?

Although we have several different demographics included, much of traffic converts best for offers that target Females between the ages of 30-65

What is not allowed to be promoted?

Download offers are not allowed unless otherwise approved. All creatives are reviewed before going live. Adult is allowed on certain channels but advertisers must talk to account manager first.

What are you the minimum bids for each country?

US – $0.015

UK, CA, AU, FR, IT – $0.006

Everything else: $0.003

What is the pop size?

Pops are dynamic and are the same size as the current window opened by the user.

What tokens are available to pass to my tracking link?

{target} for keyword/target you are bidding on

{domain} for exact link that loaded with your pop

{country} to pass back the country the pop loaded in

We are in the process of adding many more of your feature requests everyday. Please contact your account manager for any other questions you have. Sign into your Bevo Ad Exchange account today to get started at

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Bevo Ad Exchange Update – Bevo’s PPV channel now fully automated & converting like crazy!

We are pleased to announce that the PPV traffic is now available to buy from the Bevo Ad Exchange. Advertisers can buy in a fully automated fashion from our interface. Advertisers currently on the platform are converting like crazy on our unsaturated pop inventory.

Our top volume countries include:

United States


United Kingdom






To get started, login to your Bevo Ad Exchange account, and create a display exchange campaign, selecting “Pops” as your campaign type.

Feel free to reach out to your account manager if you have any questions!





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New Interface Design Now Live On Bevo Affiliate Portal

AFFILIATE PORTAL UPDATE: Our new design is now live on the Bevo Media Affiliate Portal. The new design focuses on simplicity within the interface. Also included with the new interface are new tutorials that can be used to show step by step how to use our Tracker. Login to your account check it out!

See screenshots below:


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Bevo Partner Update: Cashed Out Media Media Featured Network Of The Month!

Cashed Out Media is a new private affiliate network with the goal of helping advertisers and affiliates succeed in this competitive industry.

With over 15 years of experience on the Cashed Out Media team, advertisers and affiliates can feel comfortable, confident and secure in all of their efforts with them. They don’t run their own internal campaigns, so there is no risk of them stealing traffic.

Cashed Out Media will also give qualifying affiliates weekly payments and offer 24/7 support. So, even in off hours if there is an issue with your campaign, somebody form the Cashed Out Media team will be there to provide a solution. Affiliates earning at least 1k a week, can get weekly payouts, and those who aren’t can get bi-weekly. For advertisers, Cashed Out Media only works with trusted affiliates and has stringent fraud precautions to ensure the quality of the leads they send back.

Mike Pacheco runs the network and has been a trusted member of the affiliate marketing community for over 15 years. He has built a trusted network, a great support team and offers top payouts, offers and customer service.

Bevo Media is proud to introduce Cashed Out Media as the Network of the Month. We encourage affiliates to sign up and become a part of one of the most trusted teams in the industry.

To create an account with Cashed Out Media, Click Here.

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