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Mojo Boost can best be described as a combination between Red Bull and Viagra. It is available to everybody over the counter.

It is formulated with a powerful proprietary formula of nitric oxide (how Viagra TM works) and testosterone boosters propelled by energy enhancers, vitamins, amino acids and clinically proven non-prescription blends.

Mojo Boost is intensely popular as both a single 2.2oz shot or as a very popular mixer.

Mojo Chill is the world’s first and only designer functional beverage designed for rapid Stress Release & Anxiety Relief.

Imagine Liquid Xanax, but with the complete ability to focus, concentrate and enjoy your day.  Comes as a delicious creamsicle tasting 2.2oz shot.

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looks interesting, love the daily payout option

January 31st, 2012
1:30 pm

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