Open Spot in the Bevo Media Mentorship Program! ACT FAST!

Open Spot in the Bevo Media Mentorship Program! ACT FAST!

Are you an aspiring affiliate looking to get down to business and actually learn what it takes to succeed at affiliate marketing? Or perhaps you’ve been trying to win the affiliate game for quite some time now, but have never seemed to get a campaign to work and need that little nudge in the right direction to finally “get it”. If this sounds like you, then the Bevo Mentorship program is exactly what you are looking for!

What exactly do we do?

In the mentorship program, you will have a proven, successful affiliate guide you every step of the way through a successful campaign. These are predesigned campaigns that we know have been successful in the past. The key is to physically SEE and LEARN FROM YOUR ACTIONS exactly what it takes to make a campaign profitable. The fact of the matter is that you can read all the books and forums in the world, but the only way you learn is to actually go through the motions of a campaign and do it yourself. We then take what we learned from the successful campaign, and apply that knowledge to your own campaign and work with you right to profitability!

Your mentor will sit with you an hour a day (via skype or phone) for an entire month going through each aspect of the 3 main phases of the campaign creation process 1.) Research Phase 2.) Getting Traffic Phase and 3.) Optimization Phase. You will be getting years of experience flooded into your brain and expedite your skill set development. It cannot possibly get more hands on than this.

So how well does this work?

Our track record speaks for itself. There have been several big affiliates who have come up in the industry through our program. We prescreen potential members to make sure they are a good fit for the program. We want motivated people who understand what they are getting into. This program is for people who actually want to succeed and learn how the affiliate marketing process really works. Learning gets pretty intense at times, and we want to make sure our members have the stomach and work ethic to succeed.

Because of the amount of time required for each mentorship we take on, there are only a few spots available each month. We have been doing the mentorship program for over 4 years now, and there is normally a 2-3 month waiting list. Most members of the mentorship program choose to stay members of the program for multiple months. This is the first time in our 4 years of doing this that there is not a waiting list. We are looking for 1-2 potential candidates for this and will not accept just anyone. Your willingness to learn is essential – we work hard to ensure your success.

From time to time, we also bring on actual marketing departments for companies who want to build their online presence or want to bring their company into the affiliate space. There really isn’t much we haven’t done, from setting up front end marketing, recruiting affiliates, or further monetizing the backend of a company’s leads; we’ve done it all. Not only can we do it for you, but also teach you what we are doing along the way so someone within your company can replicate for future reference.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, reach out to You will receive more information via email and can set up a screening call to see if the mentorship is a good fit for you!

Testimonial from a previous mentorship member:

“I cannot put into words how shocked and impressed I have been with the Bevo Mentorship Program. I have spent thousands of dollars in the past for mentorships and this program has blown all of them away. Not only that, but I have saved a ton while reducing my learning curve. The response to my questions has been impressive and the level of education, resources and professionalism I have received is top notch. One of my favorite features is having full access to their team. This has been invaluable and you just can’t put a price on it.

In my first month with Bevo, which by the way was only a half month, I netted $837.29. And in my second month, I netted $3,088.74. On top of that, I earned an additional $1,000 volume bonus through one of the networks that Bevo set me up with. So in actuality, I netted $4,088.74 in my second month and a combined net profit of $4,926.03. I was a struggling internet marketer before Bevo and never made a profit until now!

This has been an incredible journey with Bevo and I will continue using their mentorship program for a lifetime. Thanks again for changing my life during this tough economy. You have a lifetime student and a lifetime friend!”

Brandon M.

Email today for more information!


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