Introducing The Bevo Media Exchange – Now Open To Public!

Introducing The Bevo Media Exchange – Now Open To Public!

Big News from The Bevo Media World! The New Bevo Media Exchange is now live for and open to the public. Existing users can now login to their Bevo account using their old login credentials. This new platform has taken us 11 months to build, and has focused on filling the clear technology gap in the industry. We’ve sorted through thousands of suggestions over the past year and a half and feel we have brought the new platform on a level of its own.  So what’s new in the new version? A LOT! Check out the featured video and more details below:

Top Features in the New Bevo Media Exchange Platform:

1.) The CPAOptimizer – Make the most out of any given impression!
Sick of optimizing your landing pages? Sick of finding the best offer constantly switching out links and analyzing data? Or how about offers constantly scrubbing or going down in the middle of the night? Look no further! The Bevo Media Exchange platform has built in an automatic optimization feature to ensure every marketer is getting the most out of their given campaign. The CPAOptimizer is the first yield optimization tool of its kind in the CPA Industry. This technology is specifically built to analyze the relationships between your offers, landing pages, traffic sources, and the details of every impression to your tracking campaign. The Optimizer also analyzes the trends within your offers and distinguishes the time of day and geographic locations your offer is performing poorly, and replaces it with another offer to maximize the value of each impression to your campaign.

Users just need to plug in a bunch of different landing pages, a bunch of different offers, and the optimizer will automatically show the best combination for each impression to your campaign. This is your chance to let your networks fight over your traffic by actually proving their offer converts better than the rest, and the entire process is automated on your end! It’s simple: 1.) Adds Offers 2.) Add Landing Pages 3.) Leave the Exchange take care of the rest!

2.) Fingerprint Tracking – Track Conversions Even Your Affiliate Network Is Missing!
One of the main reasons there has been such a gap with technology in the performance marketing industry is because the unbelievably inaccurate tracking methods. Cookie tracking is only proven to be ~80% accurate. This ultimately leaves BILLIONS of dollars (yes billions!) per year on the table that all affiliates are losing out on. We have realized that this is a big problem in the industry, and we came up with a solution: our brand new Fingerprint Tracking method.

This proprietary, highly innovative technology is otherwise unseen in the online marketing tracking space, and has proved to be a full 17% more accurate than traditional tracking methods. That means you will have nearly 1/5th more conversion data using this method of tracking! Better yet, It doesn’t matter if a user has their cookies disabled, or is buried 30 pages deep in a sales path, the fingerprint will detect the conversion.

Cookies often expire as well, whereas this problem is eliminated using Bevo’s fingerprint technology. A conversion could occur 500 days after the initial click and it will still report back to your interface. You are losing money AND data as we speak by relying on old conversion methods! Bevo’s new fingerprint tracking technology is an absolute no-brainer if you are an affiliate.

3.) No SubID support required – Track ANYTHING, Cross Domain, No Affiliate Offer, 30 Pages Deep
One of the biggest limitations of the current tracking solutions in the space is the heavy reliance on passing back subIDs to track conversions. Not only is this often confusing, but not all affiliate programs are the same, and often don’t even have the option to use subIDs. In addition, several advertisers only optimize on a subID level, but are unable to do this efficiently and accurately due to the limitations of this outdated tracking method.

Bevo’s brand new tracking technology makes accurate tracking extremely easy for the business owners and PPC Firms who use Bevo as their tracking solution. Simply input your URLs into the Bevo platform, place the tracking pixel on whatever page you consider a conversion, and your conversion will report to your Bevo account automatically!

4.) Add offers to your tracking campaigns on the fly! – The Exchange Gets Your Affiliate Link For You!
Most affiliates search for offers using consolidated offer searching platforms, such as the Bevo Offerhub, however we have decided to take things to the next level. When users find an offer they like in the Bevo Offerhub, users can now add it to their campaigns instantly! All you have to do is hit “Add”, and your personalized affiliate link will instantly get added to your selected campaign. Bevo literally pulls your affiliate links and creatives from your network and inserts it into your campaign, all from the Exchange’s platform. Pick, click and add, it’s that easy!

5.) The New Bevo Labs Feature – Compare Your Campaign To The Industry Average & Get Suggestions!
It doesn’t stop there. Bevo Labs is a new feature integrated with the tracking section of the Exchange that brings campaign analysis to the next level! With the Bevo Labs feature, a user can break down the most important details of their campaigns as a whole, and compare their performance with the industry average. Based on a variety of metrics, Bevo Labs will make suggestions on how you could improve your click through rates or increase your conversions. Bevo Labs will then analyze your offer performance and suggest some specific offers that are performing better, should any exist. You then have an option to automatically add those offers to your campaign with a click of a button!

6.) Complete Mobile Tracking Support – Track Mobile Devices and Carriers On All Reports
How many hits to your campaign came from Android devices? How well did Verizon users convert? One of the number one requests we have had was to add mobile reporting to the platform. We have done just that! Every report page now has a Mobile filter on it, so that you can view your stats breakdown based on Carrier and Operating System. We also provide consolidated reports so you can see the exact breakdown of your mobile traffic. This enables you to easily dissect which carriers and operating systems are converting!

7.) Special Niche Reports – The Most Detailed Data Broken Down In One Report!
Did you know your offer converts best in Pennsylvania between 7pm-10pm? Or what if your offer wasn’t backing out because the state of Missouri never got a conversion? We have developed a special report that breaks down the hardest to calculate, but often times the most interesting and crucial data. You can break this data down to a niche, campaign, ad group, or ad variation level. Every detail of your conversion data will be glaringly obvious using our new Special Niche Report!

8.) Enhanced Visitor Spy Reporting – Watch Users On Your Site Live, Down To The Ad Variation Level!
For all of the users who love watching the spy view,  users can now watch user’s actions live as they come to their site, and break it down all the way to an ad variation level! This means you can now watch users live coming in from multiple campaigns and ad variations in separate reports all at once!

9.) Full Affiliate Network Integration – Never Log Into Your Affiliate Networks Again!
Most affiliates are members of multiple networks, and managing these networks can be quite time consuming. With the new Bevo Media Exchange, not only can you consolidate your affiliate network stats, but – in addition to the multi-level breakdown mentioned above – you can actually view your stats per network, offer, and subID.

In addition, you can view network offers, and even retrieve your affiliate links for each offer on all of your networks! You literally have no need to login to your affiliate networks again, everything can be managed from your Bevo Media account.

10.) On Demand Affiliate Network Stats Update – Update Network Stats Instantly!
As a user of the new Bevo Media Exchange, you now have the ability to update your affiliate network stats to the Bevo Media interface instantly! Simply select a default update period when you first integrate your account into Bevo, and select whether you’d like to update your stats for the current date, or for any past dates! This syncs your Bevo Media account with your network stats instantly. Facilitate your affiliate “Refresh syndrome” all at once!

11.) Instant Offer Suggestions – Find Better Converting Campaigns On The Fly!
Looking for more offers to test out in your campaigns? The Bevo interface now suggests the industry’s top performing offers while you are setting up your tracking campaign. You can instantly add the offer to the campaign you are setting up with a click of a button, and integrate it with our CPA Optimizer feature, to make sure you are showing the best offer you possibly can for any given impression!

12.) Unlimited scalability – Setup To Handle Even The Most Intense Traffic Volume
The Bevo Media Exchange has been developed for use in a cloud environment, making our technology infinitely scalable. Stop losing money because of slow redirect times using bloated tracking systems. Stop wasting valuable time waiting for your reports to load. Our reports load instantly and our tracking technology works the same, whether you are sending 5,000 or 25,000,000 clicks a day!

13.) No Setup Fee Self Hosted Option Available – A Solution For All Budgets
We are proud to announce a partnership with Beyond Hosting that will give verified Bevo users the option to have Bevo Self Hosted at no setup cost when they host their platform through Beyond. Our self hosted platform is a premium version of our product for serious affiliates. Eliminate the server installation headache because Bevo Self Hosted will be pre-installed on your Beyond Hosting server, so you can start tracking right away.

14.) Completely New Design and Interface
We’ve completely recreated our entire platform from both a technology and a design perspective. Our brand new, highly optimized user interface allows users to better understand our platform, even with the massive amount of technology available. Several video and text tutorials are built into the system to help first-time users along. This platform was designed for a complete novice to understand, and for an expert to appreciate!

15.) Live Chat Support – Never Have Tracking Problems Again!
One of the biggest, yet most obvious problems with the technology in the affiliate marketing industry has been the clear lack of support. Our focus groups have shown the #1 reason why people do not get the most out of their campaigns is because they do not fully understand how to use the available tracking technology. Or even worse, they push their campaign live without any tracking at all because they do not know how to set things up. Look no further! We have implemented Live Chat Support for verified Bevo users. There is finally a helping hand in the industry to personally help you setup your tracking campaigns.


Our number 1 focus with the new Bevo Media Exchange platform has been to provide as much value as we can to our users. We believe our new platform does just that by providing the complete internet marketing experience to beginner and intermediate affiliate marketers, and an exceptional, one-of-a-kind tracking solution to more experienced affiliates. Stop wasting your time, money, and effort with outdated, bloated tracking solutions, and make the most out of your campaigns with The Bevo Media Exchange. Your true internet marketing homebase…

Sign up for the Brand New Bevo Media Exchange today (it’s free) at


Congrats on the Launch. This looks incredible. Can’t wait to use it!

April 10th, 2012
11:37 am

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Wow you guys went all out! Is there a self hosted version for those of us who own their own server? The Beyond guys are great but I have it covered.

April 10th, 2012
1:18 pm

This is fantasticcc! Just had this conversation with a fellow marketing friend the other day, you guys are probably the most innovative technology company for affiliates out there. Props to you, I have a feel this is going to work out well for you.

April 10th, 2012
1:33 pm

this is by far the best interface I have ever seen in this industry

April 10th, 2012
1:52 pm

What happens to the current self-hosted accounts? Will those be automatically upgraded?

April 10th, 2012
2:00 pm

Props to you guys! I’ve been testing the optimizing features all day and I am quite impressed. Job well done

April 11th, 2012
12:30 am

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Wonderful details permanently, you only need to been given your emblem innovative target audience. What exactly might you propose regarding your set up you created a couple of days prior to now? Almost any optimistic?

May 12th, 2013
10:51 pm

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