The Easiest Way To Track Your Mobile Campaigns…

The Easiest Way To Track Your Mobile Campaigns…

With the launch of the new Bevo Media Exchange last week, we have been getting tons of questions asking about mobile tracking. Although we did mention it in our launch post last week, I feel there is a need to point out how Bevo Media is hands down the easiest way to track mobile campaigns available in the industry.

How easy you say?

Very easy! There are NO additional steps needed to track a mobile campaign using the new Bevo Media Exchange platform. No database installs, no settings adjustment, our mobile tracking support is already BUILT into the platform!

Every tracking report page has an ‘Add Mobile Filtering” button on it. With this option, users can filter all of their keyword stats based on their mobile traffic! Users have the ability to sort traffic on EVERY report by Phone/Operating System and Carrier.

This also means you can run your campaigns on several different traffic sources, both mobile and nonmobile, and the advanced filtering system will break down your stats as detailed as possible! Tracking your mobile campaigns cannot be easier!

As a side note: Is there a specific mobile feature you are looking for? Tell us! We have the power to build anything!

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Other platforms have issues with clickloss (loosing clicks to the offer because the cellphone can’t handle the redirect) when you run mobile traffic through them. How does Bevo Media Exchange handle that problem?

April 16th, 2012
2:49 pm

We do a different method of redirecting than 202 and CPVLab when you use select our Fingerprint tracking method. In some cases (landing page non-rotator), there is no redirect needed at all to access your page.

Hope that helps!


April 16th, 2012
3:32 pm

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