AdScout Spy Tool Update – View All Creatives, Search Trigger Words In Ads, Time Frame Search

A few weeks ago, Bevo Media launched AdScout. AdScout is a fully customizable spy tool that allows users to actually chose which sites they want to spy on. AdScout will then monitor each site, and report back all information for every ad that has ran on the monitored site. For more information on AdScout, please see the launch post here.

AdScout has recently added some new and powerful features. These features include:

-New page that shows all of the creatives overall for your account.

-An on page filter unit that lets you search right away for whatever criteria you are looking for.

-Multiple columns can be sorted at a time.

-Creative impressions are now recorded over time so you can set timeframes when searching.

-Search Ad Variations and Banner Text – AdScout now lets you search through the text ads, as well as the display banners. Keyword indexes of each domain that is added have been compiled to have a better understanding of which keywords to attribute to the display ads.

Want an AdScout account? New users can signup here. Existing Bevo Users can just login to their Bevo Media account and access AdScout within the Apps section.


Searching for “Gold Bullion”



November 20th, 2012
7:05 am

Anybody still debating about Adscout vs. WhatRunsWhere or similar platforms can stop now. Adscout is straight up awesome. With the $399 one-time fee it is a no brainer.

However, full disclosure it is a new tool so there are still some glitches. It also needs time to gather data on the websites you input so don’t expect to launch any campaigns for the first few weeks (if you want to actually have statistically significant data).

Being new, it is obvious that the team is working hard to improve the system. They have launched several new features that make it an even better deal than it was when I first got on board.

Don’t interpret that to mean that there is any customer support though. Ryan over here at Bevo is always quick to help, but the Adscout team is all but non-existent when you fire off an email with questions or suggestions. I’m still waiting for an answer to an email that I sent last week. FAIL.

But if you can get over that and understand the need for competitive intelligence gathering, then grab this and use it in conjunction with to kill your competitors.

November 20th, 2012
4:40 pm

Ken – thanks for the feedback. I’ll reach out to AdScout guys. They are normally really good support so ill see whats up and expedite your ticket. Anything else, dont hesitate to reach out!

November 20th, 2012
6:28 pm

Hey Ken,

Sorry about the late response.

Been occupied with the latest improvements to AdScout.

Replied to your emails. Expect a timely response from here on out.

Thanks, AdScout Team

AdScout Support
November 20th, 2012
6:50 pm

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