Big AdScout Update – See All Ads By Offer and Ad Network, Flash Ads Enabled & More!

Big AdScout Updates – See All Ads By Offer and Ad Network, Flash Ads Enabled & More!

There has been a huge update to the Bevo Media AdScout tool. AdScout is a fully customizable spy tool that allows users to actually chose which sites they want to spy on. AdScout will then monitor each site, and report back all information for every ad that has ran on the monitored site. For more information on AdScout, please see the launch post here.

These features include:

1.) The top 20k Alexa sites for the USA, 5k for Canada, Germany, UK and Australia have all been preloaded into AdScout for instant data retrieval.

2.) Flash ad recognition has been added.

3.) 3 new overview pages with searches and the ability to favorite the exact listings you want to keep watch of.

4.) Search By Product Or Service: You can simply type into a product or service’s website and find all of the ad placements.
Example: a car manufacturer such as “chevrolet” and be able to see all of their campaigns. This works great for affiliate products as well.

5.) Search By Offers: Type in a specific offer see all the ads for each.
Example: If you wanted to find some good placements to place insurance offers, a simple search for “progressive” reveals all of their placements.

6.) Search by Ad Networks: Select a specific ad network and see all the ads running on the network.

Want an AdScout account? New users can signup here. Existing Bevo Users can just login to their Bevo Media account and access AdScout within the Apps section.


I bought AdScout, Mixrank, and WhatRunsWhere, and I must say that AdScout is MUCH more useful for me than any of these other tools. And the most affordable all things considered. Great product guys!


super aff dev
December 12th, 2012
6:00 am

Man this is definitely one of the best tools i’ve bought. Great idea all around. Bevo Fan for life!

Tony Dating Sites
December 12th, 2012
7:01 pm

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