Concierge by CoolHandle is your Affiliate one stop shop.

Concierge by CoolHandle is your Affiliate one stop shop.

Let’s face it guys, Affiliate marketing is constantly changing; every marketer knows that keeping the status quo will no longer cut it. It takes that “little extra” to really make a difference. I recently reviewed a new program, Concierge by CoolHandle, that really does provide that extra something. Concierge by CoolHandle will work with Affiliates and Internet marketers to offer tailored solutions to give an edge over the other offers and competition.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ryan Morris, Marketing Director at CoolHandle Web Hosting, and asked him some questions about this new service. I was extremely impressed and am now very excited for Concierge’s launch and what the next generation of Affiliate marketing will look like.

Q: Why Concierge? Why should an Affiliate or Internet marketer care?
A: “Well, CoolHandle has been in business since 2001 and with over a decade of experience working with Affiliates and Internet marketers we saw a need for a single source for all of their service and marketing needs.

Over the years, we had the pleasure of offering services to our Affiliates and Internet marketing partners. We found that they were using, at times, over a dozen different vendors for services. Our partners would have constant issues with the vendors trying to coordinate and manage each of them.

We saw a need in the market to offer a complete suite of services and thus Concierge by CoolHandle was born. The Concierge suite allows Affiliates to focus more on their business and less on outsourced vendors. By having all their needed services in one location, Concierge can offer an overall better partnership with Affiliates.”

Q: What are some of the services that Concierge offers?
A: “Concierge by CoolHandle offers boutique-level support at enterprise level scalability. We have services such as creative services, video production, copywriting, technology integration, online software installers, merchant services, customer service, tuned hosting, colocation, and much more. Offering tailored services is key to increase sales – Concierge by CoolHandle makes that happen.”

Q: What’s the most unique feature?
A: “How we track sales. Affiliate marketers spend their time and money promoting an offer and expect to be paid accurately – all the time without fail – as they should be! Concierge solved this dilemma that a lot of Affiliate marketers have, a reliable source of payment. With our years of experience and knowledge, we have developed a sophisticated three-tier system to guarantee that all sales are tracked and accounted for; that way Affiliates no longer need to worry about losing commissions.”

Q: You guys were originally a hosting company, what made you switch?
A: “We actually have not switched at all. We have been offering most of these services for a while, but never really marketed them. Concierge by CoolHandle is our way of showing off the many talents we have been offering our partners for quite some time. On our new Concierge site (, we have testimonials from of our partners.”

Overall, I am incredibly impressed with all that Concierge has to offer. I found their flexibility for rates and even free additional services to be unheard of in our industry. I really do believe that this will take Affiliate and Internet marketing to a whole new level. As an Affiliate marketer, I’m excited to see that a company is finally offering all that I need so I no longer have to spend extra hours working and searching. This means more time for business and more time for play! For more information about Concierge or CoolHandle please check out their website at



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